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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Taking his time to settle down

Ready to entertain one and all

Here comes the royal clown

With mind like a crystal ball

Peering through all that haze

Is a moment so vast

Something behind his momentary craze

Is an ocean that lasts

It came at an unlikely moment

Attacked during an unearthly ride

Not realizing at that fleeting instant

That this could all change the tide

With mind no more certain

Running though the paces

His life hid behind a curtain

Something in his face that is different from other faces

Always moving from place to place

Showcasing his wares his only motion

His mind keeps wandering here and there

Hidden by a mask his true emotion

Cracks in the crystal ball do appear

It has never been a wall

None note the momentary fear

Being very much amused at his fall

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ninja Insect

Walking on the lawn,
Unable to stifle a yawn
“Can things be this boring?”
I ask myself

Its then- I feel something on my feet
What could it be?
I decide to sneak a peek
But see nothing
That sensation is gone momentarily

Once again I feel it elsewhere on my leg
What could it be?
I decide to sneak another peek
Heart speeds up its beating
Confusion in my mind clearly

Finally I see something,
Crawling up my leg
An insect unknown to me
Moving so fast
Its easy to lose it

I stare at it,
Not wanting to lose sight
With no shield ready for it,
My other leg puts up a big fight,
Ending with a fine stroke to get it off

Now, I don’t feel it any more,
What could it be?
Will I ever see it again?
For now- I christen it the “Ninja Insect”

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Time my watch stalled in Time

Perhaps the most underrated job,
Is taking a walk to the bus stop,
People moving so fast,
Outsiders wonder at why they(themselves) flop.

The movement so sublime,
Evening traffic is at its prime.         
People give vent to their frustration,
Fill the air with boisterous mirth (by horning).

There is no time to stop and think,
Such a lapse could bring you to the brink,
Who would think the tiniest infringement,
Would end up being a crime?
Of missing a bus oh so infrequent!!!

Limited by all of the above,
I hustle and jostle,
Without realizing that there is another,
With similar limitations coming opposite

CRASH!!!  In a mild manner,
Oh GOD!!! I think I broke my watch!!!
With no time to stop and watch,
I am left alone with a broken watch…